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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  August 28, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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syria. >> that attack could come as soon as tomorrow. doug luzader is live with the latest. what can you tell us? >> good mother-in-law. it is conceivable. the white house is trying to build a legal and moral case for action in syria while an attack could be just a day or two allay. u.s. war ships on the ready now across the coast of syria. president obama has been strangely silent on this subject in recent days. leaving it to vice president joe biden yesterday to make the case for a war. >> there is no doubt who is responsible for this heinous use of chemical weapons in syria. the syrian regime. >> and the white house is expected to release newly de classified ingenls to make the administration pay for the syrian regime is responsible for a chemical weapons attack killed hundreds last week. at the same time the white house is careful to say bish char
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al-assad will not be a target to any military action. >> the options we are considering are not about regime change. they are about responding to clear violation of an international standard that prohibits the use of chemical weapons. >> critics wonder this, if assad is not the car get what is the goal in syria and will limited action a quick wave of missile strikes make a bad situation even worse? >> i know for a fact from my own contacts inside syria with the opposition forces they have high expectations because this is the first time anybody has done anything to help them. if all we do is something symbolic they will be devastated. >> national security issues may be designed to give the president some cover that will give the president bypass congress. >> thank you so much.
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>> one of the teenagers is suspected of killing delbert felton admits he beat him to death but you won't believe why he says he did it. 16-year-old says he aftered another teen beat belton shorted him during a crack cocaine deal. he never did drugs his family says. kinard has bail set at $3 million. they face life behind bars. saying good-bye to the murdered baseball player christopher lane. he was killed earlier this month by a group of teenagers who claim they did it for fun. you can see lane's girlfriend standing outside of the church pretty upset there as you can image. the 22-year-old moved to oklahoma to play baseball. doctors released the final autopsy revealing that lane was killed by a single bullet.
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it collapsed both of his lungs and fractured his ribs. >> days before they could launch a strike they say biashar al-assad said they would attack twitter. this time the paper admitting it was hacked. experts say the timing is not a coinciden coincidence. >> you have to ask yourself this is the puzzling thing is it an attempt to push us away from the event or an attack to draw us into it even more? >> that web site appears to be back up. >> the wildfire is growing in one of the largest wild fires in california's history. it is so big you can see the smoke from space. check out these incredible pictures from nasa. it is about 20 percent contained
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this morning but is he expected grow. nearby schools have been evacuated evacuated. people in the area are dealing with heavy smoke blowing through their home. >> the little girl took on health and human services is home with her new set of lungs. anna kooiman has more of this incredible story. >> almost makes you want to cry tears of joy this morning. she is waking up at home after a double lung transplant. her family and friend rejoicing she spent more than 6 months at the children's hospital. we were there covering her fight from the beginning. the 11-year-old was dying of chris tick fibrosis when her family fought the rules that kept her off of the adult transplant list. she got an exclusive invite into the home to speak to her.
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>> what would you say to all of the people who tried to help you and believed in you? >> thank you. just remember this, if you are ever in trouble you can be strong, too. >> you can watch the rest of peter's exclusive interview with sara on "fox & friends" at 8:00 a.m. eastern time. >> wow, so sweet. >> brand new information this morning about edward snowden. the background check done on him back in 2011 wasn't very thorough. a federal review says background checkers didn't look into his history with the cia or a questionable trip he took to india because he never reported it. the private contractor speak to
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go his family and friends only reached out to his mother and girlfriend. not clear if any new information wo disqualified them for the job. asked the judge to hold off on implementing the ruling to block the nypd stop and print policy. the judge called that policy unconstitutional. she claims it violated civil rights for targeting minorities for warrant lts searchs. it left the police to use stop and frisk until the courts decide if it is ultimately okay or not. cops say it will save lives but some don't agree. the crisis in syria sending the markets plummeting for a second day in a row. can we expect the same today? jolene kent has more.
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>> increasing nervousness about a possible military strike push mar gets around the world for a second day in a row. they sold off stocks and bid off crude oil. they had a rolling back the stim why yo lus as early as next month. a government in 74 countries requested information on 38,000 users in the firg half of this year. the social networking giant complied with 79 percent of those requests. they made more than half of the demands totalling 21,000 users which is about # 100 users a day. this after microsoft and google issued similar reports after edward snowden reporting the government was making classified sur ray lens programs. doesn't it seem you get hit with
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a fee every time you fly? one company is not feeling your pain. amr reported tuesday the july profit doubled to $292 million with operating revenues up 153 million from july 2012. >> travel season and cost cutting from the bankruptcy organizations last july earned just 135 million. ainsley? >> 135 million. >> that's all. >> they add up don't they? >> today marks 50 years since that historic milestone for several rights. that was the day martin luther king jr. marched on washington and gave that iconic i have a dream speech. tens of thousands are expected to gather in washington, d.c. live look. >> a quarter of a million people descended on the national mall in 1963 to peacefully voice
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their discontent with unemployment and racial inequality. we have seen it for a better half of the week. tens of thousands are reflecting on the day and the improvements made over a half a century. >> we had to be here. although there has never been a as many black-and-white people gathered in one place to make a statement about any issue before in our country. >> any other speech and rale sree for the event the famous words i have a dream have been included. martin luther king jr. was the last speaker of the day the last four mints of his speech which so many thousands know by heart his speech is considered one of the most important in u.s. history and is a constant theme for indpens today. >> 50 years later see can a l -g
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the large number of people especially families who want to be a witness to history 50 years later. >> prayers begin at 9:00 a.m. in the historic belt from the 16th street baptist church bafz bombed in 1963 will ring on the steps of the lincoln memorial and we will hear from a list of speakers including king's niece and we will see former president bill clinton and jimmy carter and the president will take to the podium. he is the last slated speaker of had historic day. >> what a gathering there. elizabeth prann in washington. thank you very much. >> a race car flips over and goes into flames. a driver trapped inside. wait until you hear how it ends. >> new photos of alec baldwin on the attack once again. what sparked this intense trouble with a photographer. probably didn't take a lot to get him so angry. >> let's take a look at your
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secret wiretaps approved. cops claim it is part of their ongoing efforts to track down terror cells. critics say it means innocent muslims are being targeted. new york mayor and police commissioner ray kelly says they only follow leads to fight terrorism. >> in a few hours closing arguments will begin in a penalty case for nadal hassan. he gave up his last plans to defend himself yesterday resting his case during his sentencing without speaking. ma' family members of the victims took the stand describing their days since the deadly shooting. the trial resumes at 10:00 a.m. eastern time today. >> the pizza is coming off the menus at a lot of schools across the country. several districts requeare quit the healthy lunch programs. the reason students say they don't want it. a lot of districts say their
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cafeterias are losing money as much as 100,000 dollars because kids are bringing better food from home. the ones that don't pack their lunch are beigoing hungry throu out the school day. the districts say they can make their own guidelines. we will hear more about this. phot head alec baldwin involved in another temper tantrum involving a photographer. robert moses is live with the details. ainsley, good morning to you. alec baldwin usually comes out of his apartment in greenwich village to walk his dog fairly early. hoping to get a reaction from him. things did not go very well yesterday. take a look at these picturiepi. he and his wife were walking down the street when a photographer got too close for alec baldwin's likings. he took a lot of exception to
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that photographer and began scuffling with him. in one shot it looked like he through the photographer across the hood of a car. the photogs, baldwin is no stranger but he may be more territorial now that he and his wife recently gave birth to a baby girl. as for yesterday's incident both men called 911. each man decided not to file a criminal complaint and they went their separate ways. that is live from greenwich villa village. i hope he you are feeling strong this morning. >> teenagers so afraid by what she discovered in her room she called 911. listen here. >> i am walking to my room and i see this massive freaking creature on the back of my house i have no idea what to do i can't get a hold of my parents. i don't know if you have
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anything i can do. >> wait until you hear what this creature actually was. >> a warning for every facebook user if you have logged on in the past year, there's a good chance people around the world were spying on you.
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>> we have more dramatic photos of what has been released from the boston bombers. tsarnaev cliefbing out of the boat his arm over his face.
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there it is the arm over the face. the photographer for the boston police department. he said he released these in anger after they glamorized tsarnaev on the magazine's cover. nearly 12 years after the 911 terror attack the government is announcing lessons for guantanamo bay. many of the guards were actually children during the 9-11 attack. they don't understand the importance of this day. five gitmo detainees are on trial for plotting the attacks. the lesson includes a power point presentation with more information about the hijackers and audio. that will mauk you feel old. >> texas republican governor plan to go run for president
2:23 am
again 2016. a strong sign he could be after he announced he will be returning to iowa this fall. he will be the guest speaker at polk county republican dinner there. he says he will not be running for reelection in texas. he ran for president in 2012. >> time now to brew on this. students at one california high school better be careful what they post on facebook twitter or insta gram that is because big brother is watching. >> the school district hired an outside company to monitor their activity. officials say it is to stop bullying. >> we are educators 24/7. we are not an arm of the law not out to get kids we are out to educate kids. but part of it is we have kids who are hurting. >> the students will be affected by this because they really hold their prooifr see on a high level. >> should schools be looking at
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the sites or is it the parent's job to do this. >> tweet us or shoot us an e-mail. we will read some of those later in the show. >> a race car flips over erupts into flames and the driver as you can hear is trapped inside. wait until you see how this story ends. >> remember how the government spent millions of tax dollars on a study. put shrimp on a tread hill. tell you the latest how he could be dumber than this one. >> number one movie in america was mr. mom. [ woman ] dear chex cereal, you've done the impossible. made gluten-free cereals in a bunch of yummy flavors. like cinnamon chex, honey nut chex, and chocolate chex... we're in cereal heaven.
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>> today is august the 28th. questi we begin with a fox news alert. we are on the verge of another war in the mid eels. we have grand new evidence surfacing that could force a u.s. strike against syria. >> it was supposed to honor the people who died september 11th but one group says it is plain offensive. can they have a 911 memorial
2:29 am
torn down. >> they are talking about the constitution. >> a race car flips and burst into flames and the driver is still trapped inside the vehicle. you have to see how this story ends. "fox a "fox & friends first" continues right now. >> what a great song. >> love it. >> good morning to you. it is wednesday morning the middle of the week. welcome to fox and friends first. i am heather nauert. >> i am ainsley earhardt. let's get right to the fox news alert. america on the verge of another war in the middle east. the obama administration about to release new evidence that
2:30 am
could cause problems in syria. >> the next step will be for the white house to release a classified document detailing what they say is evidence that the syrian regime is responsible for a devastating chemical weapons attack in syria last week. that would lay the groundwork for what would likely be a wave of cruise miss ill strikes fired from missile destroyers on stand by off the coast of syria. the administration is making the case that would give the president cover if he bypasses congress. >> national security is strengthened we hold accountable those who violate international for norms that is the foundation of american security. >> at the same time the white house is clear this is not about regime changes, period.
2:31 am
dictator bish charral assad will not be a target. others question whether we should be involved there at all. >> a third war in 12 years? over assyria that has al qaeda on one side hess bowl law on the other is not for us to do. we cannot do a third war in 12 years in the mylesed, period. >> no easy options. as far as timing is concerned nato has a meeting the british parliament has an emergency session on syria tomorrow. a wave of attacks happened sometime after that meeting. >> oo he beat him to death but won't believe why he said he did it. he and ner teenager savagely
2:32 am
assaulted belton because he shorted them in a crack cocaine dale. belton's friends say that is outrageous he never did drugs. he faced a judge for the fooirms yesterday. both teens face life behind bars on murder and robbery charges. hundreds gathered to say good-bye to the murdered baseball player. two teenagers said they did it just for fun. you can see lanes girlfriend standing outside of the church devastated. the 22-year-old moving to oklahoma to play baseball. doctors releasing the final autopsy report revealing lane was killed by a single bullet. it collapsed both of his lungs and fractured his ribs. >> new information about edward snowden. turns out the background check
2:33 am
done on him in 2011 was not thorough. background checkers didn't look into his history with the cia or a questionable trip he took to india because he never reported it. the private contractor speaking with family and friends only reached out to his mother and girlfriend. it is not clear if additional interviews or information would have disqualified him. >> face look revealing the u.s. government made a thousand requests for user data in the first half of this year alone. this involves more than 20,000 accounts. >> irndia with a second with 320 requests. >> terrifying moments for a race
2:34 am
car driver after a wild crash. watch as the fuel starts to leak into the car explodes into flames. >> this happened at speedway in lehigh, pennsylvania. the 27-year-old driver managed to escape without injuries believe it or not. that's not even the best part. he continued the race and finished 5th place. >> come on seriously? >> news to tell you about this morning. remember the little girl who fought our healthcare system and won? she is waking up at home with a new sets of lungs after the lung transplant. >> anna could i marne has more on the story. >> she's final wlaking up at home after a double lung
2:35 am
transplant. her family and friends rejoicing after she arrived home. she spent more than 6 months there. she covered it since the beginning. the 11-year-old was dying of cystic fibrosis when the family fought the rules that kept her off the adult transplant list. they had a big hand in the effort to save sara. shea he got an exclusive interview with speak to her. >> what would you say to all of the people who tried to help you and believed in you? oo thank you. >> just remember this, if you are ever in trouble and i am strong, you can be strong, too. >> you can catch the rest of the murnaghan familiar lint view at 8:00 p.m. eastern time today. >> looking forward to that interview. thank you so much. >> thanks, anna.
2:36 am
remember when the government sent your tax dollars to study shrimp on a treadmill? this one might top that. the department of defense planning to spend nearly 26,000 dales dollars. according to the grant document the studies are necessary to determine the creature as habitat so they can be protected. we are hearing from a teenager attacked by a wolf in minnesota. they are calling it freakish and unprecedented. it is the first time in that state's history a person was attacked by the a wolf. a man is recovering from a bite to his head. he was camping when the 75 pound animal suddenly came at him. >> i was leaning back on my elbow and out of the blue it came and hit me on the back of
2:37 am
the head. i was immediately jumping trying to get it off i couldn't get it off so i had to jerk my head out. >> how terrifying. he had to get 17 staples in his head. that wolf was eventually killed and is now being tested for rabies. >> this memorial honoring the thousands of men and women who died in the september 11th terrorist attack coming under fire now. an atheist group is threatening to sue if it proceed it claims the cross is grossly offensive. the city says it is part of history rescue workers carved that cross on the beam back when it was found -- or back when they found the fall ebb ven vic. >> the cross helps so many people get through difficult times. just a few hours from now
2:38 am
matt tin luther king jr. marched and gave the i have a dream speech. we have a look at today's ceremony. >> we have seen celebrations around washington for the better half of the week. today is the day. 50 years ago they descended upon the national mall arriving bliens trains and cars rallying against unemployment and racial inequality. almost rally or event since last week the famous words i have a dream have been included. although reverend martin luther king jr. gave the speech many know by heart. it was considered the most important in u.s. history and is a constant theme and big motivate fore for those in attend dense today.
2:39 am
>> he was helping us understand sitting around at the table in brotherhood us understanding we are one human family. >> you celebrate the joy of our progress the freedom from barbarism and the right to vote. we celebrate the joy of our significant progress. >> speeches are expected to take a serious tone. there's a long list of civil rights leaders on the schedule. we will get a list of clinton and carter. the president will take to the podium. it will include a nationwide bell ringing at 3:00 p.m. marking 50 years to the limit after king drew up close to the speech with the famous words let freedom ring. >> we will all be expecting that. elizabeth pran in washington. thanks so much. coming up next a teenager so afraid by what shea discovered in her room she called the cops. >> walking to my room i see this massive fricking creature on the back of my house.
2:40 am
i have no idea what to do. i can't get a hold of my parents. die know if you have anythi-- i you can figure out what to do. >> already plagued with a bunch of problems. the agency has a new plan to help police with the healthcare law. we will tell you what it means for you coming up next. first a look at the weather around the country. dad. how did you get here?
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>> in the news this morning a dramatic call for help to 911. she wasn't calling to report the typical home incrudtrudintruder. this one had 8 legs. >> i am walking to my room and i see this massive freaking creature on the back of my couch. i have no idea what to do. i can't get a hold of my parents. i don't know if there is anything you can do. >> the 911 dispatcher sent police to the teen's house where an officer took care of that spider with a rolled up newspaper. the intruder said to be the size of a baseball. yikes. the girl says she only called for help because a family member had recently been hospitalized
2:45 am
because of a hospital bite. >> i would call 911 for a big spider like that, too. >> have you ever had a moenlt -- moment like this because you fear getting older. >> i want to look younger. something like this. >> kind of hip. >> there is good news this morning. turns out age 53 is now the age a person is considered middle aged. landmark once believed to be 41 years old. but is the milestone -- why is that milestone later? because of the life expectancy and health yir lifestyle. the irs finalized a penalty not to revise health insurance with obama care. t we breakdown the fees for us. what's is going to cost? >> we have all of the fine print on who will have to pay what
2:46 am
related to aaffordable act. here is some of highlights. if one percent of the taxable income. 2.5 percent of income in 2016 then it increases according to a cost of living formula going forward. now even if you are insured if you claim de pen tenpendence yoe to pay for those uninsured. there are a number of ex sifrpgss to the mandate. those who qualify but haven't participated in the laws. people who have just uninsured while between jobs oppose insurance coverage for religious reasons or members of indian tribes. you are also exempt if your income is over the poverty line and you don't file a tax return for some other reason or the cost is over 8 percent of the household income. add all of that up and jonathan
2:47 am
gruber estimates 40 percent of the insuranuninsured people n. n to that the waiver law is written. the only thing the irs can do to he make you pay the fine is withhold it with your tax income. the irs has no way to collect the fine. it is 75 pages long there are some of the highlights you can see on the irs. >> a lot of ramifications if people don't call on that one. >> still ahead the new ets edition to the dictionary. coming to us courtesy of mrs. miley cyrus. >> speaking of the former disney star some wonder if the vma performance is a cry for help or disturbing trend for more than one disney star. first we are checking in with steve doocy on what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> is it over? >> it was bad enough to see one
2:48 am
night now we are seeing it all over the news. >> coming up on "fox & friends" senator john mccain is going to join us on a strike on syria that could happen. who knows. need to get your kids to bed early to get ready for school? our sleep doctor says give them sugar to get them in bed. >> the car czar shows you how you can get behind the wheel of a luxury vehicle for less than 30,000 dollars. and trick shot titus is back will he get his revenge for being popped in the face? right here on your channel for news. ♪ turn around
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>> eight minutes before the top of the hour. time to take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good. [applause] taking a look at this. a couple of london police officers taking a break from fighting crime by a little dancing. having a good time. >> next the bad. a judge slapping girls gone wild founder with a 270-die jail sentence. -- 270-day jail sentence convicted of picking up three women at a nightclub and taking them home against their will. finally the ugly. look at that. a real-life jurassic park? no. that is a japanese
2:53 am
television video that goes viral. >> do you know that word that heather picked up? twerking. this is miley cyrus at the vma television awards. what is the official definition? a dance to popular music in a sexually provocative manner. and the word stealthy is also added. >> when you take a picture of yourself and post it on-line. miley cyrus's video music tv award performance raising eyebrows. trying to break the mold and the consequences that has on the fans. >> it isn't easy to blur the line from child actor to adult performer as
2:54 am
former hannah montana star miley cyrus showed with her risky performance, those making transition can go too far. ♪ ♪ >> i think miley wanted to get rid of that image and let everyone know she's a woman, sexually active. she may or may not use drugs. automatically miley's performance is going to alienate younger fans that might actually be watching hannah montana even though she might not be watching that show anymore. they still air it. the parents are going to say no, they're not going to be able to watch miley why i anymore. >> 21-year-old selena gomez broke her image starring in a movie "spring breakers" and played in get away. the ex-factor judge said
2:55 am
her transition included public battles with bulemia and alcohol but said her fans brought her out enabling her to become a positive role model. those they are working to leave childhood images behind they can't forget about the kids who made them stars. >> there is some sort of responsibility to understand your actions are going to have an effect on some younger people. >> five minutes before the hour. more schools are monitoring students on social media websites so we're asking this question today. is it the teachers' job or parents place to police it? parents place to police it? your e-mails next. boys used dom their capital one venture card to fly home for the big family reunion. you must be garth's father? hello. mother. mother! traveling is easy with the venture card because you can fly any airline anytime. two words. double miles! this guy can act. wanna play dodge rock?
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tempur-pedic. the most highly recommended bed in america. buy a tempur-pedic mattress set and get a free twin tempur-simplicity mattress. find a store near you at >> before you leave the house here's a look at what's happening. the white house set to reveal its evidence today justifying a possible american-led strike against syria. convicted killer and formerly army psychiatrist nidal hasan will learn his
2:59 am
fate -- may learn his fate at sentencing today. it will be life or death in prison. today marks the 50th anniversary of martin luther king jr.'s i have a dream speech. the president will mark the occasion with a speech at the lincoln memorial. >> time for your brew on this responses. earlier we were asking you should schools be checking their students' social media site or is that a parents' job to police? >> russ e-mailing us schools are to educate period. they complain about a lack of funding yet they have the money to infiltrate social immediate kwrafplt >> charles tweeted if schools spent more time teaching and less time meddling, we might have better educated youth. >> mike says what happened to parental supervision? it is the parent's job, not the school or government. thanks to everyone who responded to that one. lots of responses to that. everybody have a great day
3:00 am
now. "fox & friends" starts right now. have a good one. >> good morning. it is wednesday, august 28, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing part of your day with us today. the u.s. military tells fox it's ready and waiting orders from president obama to strike syria. this morning the white house leaking a lot of details, so we will let you know what we know. >>steve: some things just never change. actor alec baldwin on the attack again, it appears. what sparked that -- >>brian: upbgz? -- you think so? >>steve: are you heckling me? we're going to tell you what he did yesterday. >>brian: he does not represent all of mass pea pea -- mass


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